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Our pizzas and our Pinsas are made with 100% natural flours, respecting the right rising times, for a superlative result.
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different every season

Fresh ingredients

Our pizzas and our Pinsa are made with fresh seasonal products. During the autumn and winter the protagonist is the pumpkin, from which the inspiration for the Autumn Pinsa made with pumpkin cream, zola and walnut kernels: a real treat for the palate! < br /> During spring and summer, the aromas are those of fresh tomatoes, basil and vegetables such as peppers: here is the Estiva pinsa.

Upon request, we can also prepare the pizza dough with gluten-free or wholemeal flours .

It is important for us to satisfy the needs of our customers so that everyone can enjoy a wonderful taste experience. Our staff always pays the utmost care and attention during the preparation of each dish.
Please let us know if there are any allergies

Homemade Pinsa/h3>

Pinsa Romana, what is it?

That of the Pinsa Romana (from the Latin pinsare which means “stretch, lay out” and which describes its oval shape) is a recipe whose origin dates back to Ancient Rome.

The result is a highly digestible product thanks to the long leavening (minimum 36 hours), the high hydration of the dough (80% of water), the mix of natural flours (wheat, soy and rice), the presence of sour dough and the use of a limited quantity of oil. In addition, the dough is worked in a completely different way from that of pizza due to its particular consistency, giving rise to a product that has one of its strengths in its uniqueness.

Already at the first bite you will notice its crispness and fragrance…

Taste of Italy

The Menu

Quality flours, fresh ingredients and long leavening make
our pinsas and pizzas among the tastiest on the lake!
Remember that every pizza can be “transformed” into a Pinsa.

Classic Pizzas


Margherita, Marinara, Ham and Mushrooms, Sausage & fries… in short, the great classics that make adults and children mouth water!

Pizzas and Seasonal Pinsa

for true lovers

For those who love to explore and try new flavors, we recommend our seasonal pizzas. Prepared with fresh and full of taste ingredients!

Pinsa Romana

prepared by hand

Prepared entirely by us with a mix of grains and a long rising times, our pints are super tasty!
The most appreciated from our clients? La Scapece, Diego and Sara.

We are in Abbadia Lariana:
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Ci trovi ad Abbadia Lariana in:
Via Nazionale, 140
con parcheggio riservato ai nostri clienti

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12pm – 3pm
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