Babà du Lac | Concept:

the harmony of taste between South and North Italy

Once upon a time…

No, it’s not the beginning of a fairy tale: this is a real story!

Spring 2017

This is the story of Sara (the Babà) and Diego (the Lago).

The Babà, one of the symbols that typically represent the flavors of Southern Italy.

The Lake, the place where the profiles of the mountains of Northern Italy are reflected..

Babà du Lac is the meeting point of these two atmospheres, two cultures that combine to give birth to a new experience in the catering sector on the shores of Lake Como.

A wonderful terrace on the banks of the Lecco branch, where Sara and Diego offer cuisine from their origins, South and Northern Italy.

A menu, therefore, consists of dishes of lake and Lombardy valleys, but also sea fish: all with utmost attention in the search for raw materials and a great care in the preparation and composition of the dishes.

The proposal of BABA ‘DU LAC is enriched by a wide choice of PIZZA and PINSA, with a mixture consisting of a blend of flour (wheat, soy and rice) which, thanks to a minimum of 36 hours, ensures the uniqueness of flavor Very digestible.

Finally, the Wine Card is influenced by the synergy of the two traditions and offers a selection of labels from the origins of both the South and Northern Italy.

Sara e Diego, Babà du Lac Abbadia Lariana

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  • 11:00-15:00 | 18:00-23:00 - closed on Wednesday
  • +39 0341 730966
  • Via Nazionale, 140 | 23821 Abbadia Lariana (Lc)




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